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These contributors have submitted original works for Alaivani:


A. Nagarajan

Profile Added October 21, 2008 
A. Nagarajan is a Tamil settled in Andhra Pradesh with his wife and child. He enjoys following Hindu festivals and has begun learning about new festivals after moving into Andhra Pradesh. He also likes to learn about Indian/Hindu philosophy.


Profile added November 17, 2007.
Ajoy has been a visitor to my site since 2003.  He has been posting articles related to Hindu spirituality since 2004.  Many of his posts relate to the spiritual practices in Maharasthra state, India.  His posts are enhanced by wonderful, breathtaking images of the places and festivals he has participated in.
View Ajoy's 15 plus posts here.


Profile Added October 14, 2009
Vidianand Baree, who I refer to as Baree is a South Indian of Telugu ancestry settled in Mauritius. Mauritius is an island nation off the coast of soutern Africa, that is inhabited by people from many cultural backgrounds. One of the major groups in Mauritius include people from India; and in that group, Hindus. Baree has written his experiences celebrating a few Hindu festivals on the island for you to also experience the wonder of Indian culture off the shores of India. Enjoy!



B.N. Kartha
Profile Added October 27, 2008
B.N. Kartha is my father in law (dad). He lives in Kochi, Kerala, India. He has lived in different parts of India throughout his long life, which spans over the Indian Independance struggle. He is always sharing some interesting stories about his life, our family stories, Kerala and India's culture and history. Keep tuned in to this page to read more of his entries to my site!




Padmini Natarajan

Profile Added April 8, 2009.

Padmini Natrajan was introduced to me through Viji Varadarajan, both being avid lovers and educators of South Indian cookery and culture. As her passion for these topics knows no bounds, she will be sharing her wisdom and experience here on Alaivani!


Sudarshan Madhabushi

Profile Added October 25, 2008.

Sudarshan Madabushi has been following my site since early 2000s. I met him through a yahoo group that discussed Hindu/Indian philosophy and spirituality. He has submitted some posts to my old site based on entries he posted to the yahoo group.



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Guest Bloggers
Guest bloggers are randomly chosen by the blog owner, Jennifer through RSS subscriptions. Interesting articles in line with the themes on Alaivani are read and the author(s) are contacted for permission to reprint.

Abhilash blogs at Hindu Blog.
He blogs about topics related to Hindu culture across India and the world.   
Articles by Abhilash:
Karthikai Deepam Reason- Why do we observe Karthigai Deepam?  
Aadi Masaum  

Brijesh blogs at Scaling New Heights. He writes about his experience living in America and India.
Articles by Brijesh:
A to Z of Graduate Study in US
Desi Professors in US – Some Random Thoughts              

Maddy blogs
at Maddy's Ramblings. He writes his thoughts,opinion and musings of a restless Mallu nomad - Notes on Personalities, music, movies, books, places and life
Articles by Maddy: Head Facing North

Saju blogs at traveltokerala.blogspot.com. He writes interesting and insightful articles on the people, culture and sights and sounds of Kerala.
Articles by Saju: Vidhyarmbam: Conclusion of Navarathri in Kerala


Jennifer Kumar (Blog Coordinator, Writer, Editor,Designer)

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