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Jan 3

Written by: Jennifer Kumar, Cultural Adjustment Coach
Thursday, January 03, 2008

by Jennifer Kumar, Cross-Cultural Coach 


Tamil is one of the oldest living languages in the world, about 5,000 years of history is behind the script and the spoken language. Tamil is a very beautiful language, full of poetry (Thirrukkal) and meaning. Knowing how a Tamilian speaks, you can learn a lot about their culture. I lived in Chennai for two years and tried to learn Tamil. It is a very difficult language in the written sense. The written is classical, like Latin is to English. No one speaks as they write. Even some can not fully comprehend the SUN TV news as it is written in semi-classical Tamil. Written Tamil is not only different grammatically but phonetically. What you write is not what you speak! Letters are dropped out or sounds changed. English is easily sprinkled into Tamil. Hence, book Tamil is not practical on the streets of Chennai. Though Tamil is popular to Tamil Nadu, in India, Tamil is also spoken in Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Singapore, where many Tamils have relocated over the centuries. Of course, now a days, many Tamils are also in the Western world, but the Asian countries mentioned above are the roots of Tamil. The other speciality about Tamil is the "Zh" sound which is pronounced somewhere between a flat r and the L where the tongue almost touches the top of the mouth.

Due to my love for Indian and Tamil culture, I have created this web site which is dedicated to Tamil Studies and Tamil Sangams in United States and abroad!
Author and Photographer: Jennifer Kumar



Programs In American Universities

University of California at Berkeley.  South Asian Studies at UC Berkeley
Other language programs offered: Hindi/Urdu, Punjabi, Sanskrit.

University of Chicago.
Department of South Asian Languages and Civilizations
Other language programs offered: Bengali, Hindi, Pali, Sanskrit, and Urdu.

University of Pennsylvania
South Asia Regional Studies.
This is one of the most informative South Asian Deparment Sites I have found, offering many Indian languages.
Other languages offered: Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Malayalam, Pali, Panjabi, Sanskrit, and Urdu.

Tamil Studies, Internationally (Outside India and US) 

I have found these pages in English. The native languages should also be available.

I know there are other international resources, but the links I had have expired. If you have anything to add here, contact me (email links below).


Tamil Studies in India

Kolkata University of Calcutta --- Degrees: M.A., Ph.D. and diploma programs

Madras Institute of Asian Studies --- Tamil Page --- Highly reputed place to study Tamil culture.
Other cultures studied: Japanese, Kannada, and Telugu.

Various Locations Studyabroad.com India Portal -- check here for all India related programs


Tamil Language Resources on the Internet

Learn Tamil Through English

Learn Tamil on the Internet. Web Assisted Learning and Teaching of Tamil (WALTT) This is a REALLY GREAT Site! You can learn to read Tamil by script and with sound files! Very easy to understand!

Tamil Language Resources

Tamil Language Resources from Worldlanguage.com (stuff to buy!) 

Other Tamil Sources on the Internet

Learn Tamil Online Through Interactive Games - Kids One (Also, Hindi and Telugu)   

 Tamil Nadu Maps


Tamil Radio Online

Canadian Tamil Radio Great connection!


Tamil Alphabets - You Tube



See also:  Malayalam Studies in India, USA and Internationally


Updated July 2011. This page was initiated in August 2001 on my tripod site.

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Copyright ©2008 Jennifer Jayanthi Kumar


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Re: Tamil Studies


By Arun on   Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Re: Tamil Studies - Places Around the World to Study Tamil

it is very nice one


By malaiyappan on   Friday, December 09, 2011

advance 2 minutes 15 sec on the video to listen to Tamil

i forgot to mention, please advance 2.15 minutes in the video to listen to tamil as spoken by the majority in the rural areas of Tamil Nadu.


By david on   Monday, December 03, 2012

Re: Tamil Studies - Places Around the World to Study Tamil

I am from Russia, do they have any CDs or DVDs fwith Tamil course for the starters??

thank you

By vera on   Monday, January 13, 2014

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