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Apr 8

Written by: Jayanthi
Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Padmini NatarajanPadmini Natarajan is a writer and story teller. She has explored the lives and kitchens of the Tanjore and Palghat Brahmins and has edited and collaborated with Viji Varadarajan to produce Cookbooks that feature the traditional cuisine of the community. She tries to connect the social milieu and the stories of the community to the rituals, recipes and practices of women in traditional and modern homes.

She is a columnist and contributes articles, blogs, poems, travelogues and essays to many Chennai newspapers, national magazines and websites. She reviews and edits books for publishers and has specialized as a Culinary Editor.

Her other major interest is acting. Padmini has donned roles in Tamil and English plays on stage, in Indian cinema and on TV. She is a wordsmith, a voracious reader, crossword buff and teaches children about India's heritage, culture and traditions.

She is studying Vedanta nowadays.

See Padmini's blog at Padmum's Pen.

Thank you for your timeless wisdom and contributions, Padmini.


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Alaivani - Poem Inspired by the naming of this blog 

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Navaratri: Then and Now
Padmini shares some sweet memories of Navarathri celebrations and preparations through the years.


Small Things, A Part of Who We Are

Padmini shares her nationalistic feelings for India on her 63rd birthday.

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Varusha Pirappu - Tamizh New Year’s Day


Click here for Padmini's Exclusive Content - Chili Quotient - List of Chillies used in Indian Cuisine (you will need to sign in to see this)

Read Padmini's testimonial of me and my work! Thanks a million, Padmini!


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