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Nov 7

Written by: Jayanthi
Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Submitted by Ajoy



March 2, 2016; Shri Vinzai Matecha Vardhapan Din Sohala rev C


   ( Part 1  |  Part 2 )


Hymn to Gayatri Mata in Urdu by Mohammed Iqbal


Hai mahfil-e-wujud ka saman taraz tu

Yazdan-e-sakinan-e-nasheb-o-faraz tu

Har cheez ki hayat ka parwardigar tu

Zaeidgaan-e-noor ka haiy taajdaar tu

Ai aaftab ham ko ziya-e-shu’oor de

Chashm-e-khirad ko apni ajalli sey noor de


Creator of the world of existence art thou

Lord of inhabitants of plains and hills art thou

Sustainer of the life of everything art thou

Crown of all light- furnishing objects art thou

Almighty! Grant us the light of discernment

To the intellect’s eye with thy shinning enlightenment.


Urdu is a very sweet and cultured language akin to Hindi (India’s national Language); it is spoken widely in the Indian Sub-continent. It lends itself very easily to song and poetry. Mohammad Iqbal wrote the National Song of India, ‘Sare Jhan se Achha.’



Pronunciation: AUM eye-m hreem kleem chah-moon-dah-yai veech-chay


Dedicated to Vinzai Devi Tamhini, District Pune.


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Copyright ©2007 Jennifer Jayanthi Kumar


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Re: Vinzai Devi Utsav - Hymn To Gayatri Mata

On your website you have described Krishna birth, interestingly in folklore the girl child who was exchanged is Vinzai devi.
The main temple dedicated to Vinzai devi is in Uttar Prades at Mirjapur called Vindeshvari temple.
She is also known as yogamaya, the one who teaches yoga which gives deliverance.
In Uttar Pradesh at Krishna's birthplace there are number of temples dedicated to Yogamaya.
A small community migrated form UP to Maharashatra where her temple is presently based ( at tamhini).
There is a beautifully painting by Raja Ravi Verma which depicts this story. Perhaps you could link the two stories on your site.

By Ajoy (Via Jayanthi) on   Sunday, October 18, 2009

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