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Flavors of India ---> Viji Varadarajan's Profile and Links to Information about Her and Her Cookbooks

South Indian Tamil Brahmin Vegetarian Regional Cookery, Cooking Tips, and Cultural Lessons from Viji Vardarajan.

Viji Varadarajan
Viji Varadarajan
Viji is a well -respected and award winning South Indian vegetarian cookbook writer. She writes specifically on the regional cuisine of Tamil Brahmins; a topic not widely published. For her efforts in spreading the knowledge of this regional cuisine, she has travelled the world, taught classes in her home and abroad, appeared in countless magazines and newspapers and has won international cookery awards for her talents. She has a team of family, friends and well-known local celebrities helping her to write, photograph, design and edit her works. She, herself, is quickly becoming a celebrity as well! Thank you, Viji for sharing your wisdom and resources with us.

Exclusive content from Viji:
Ayurvedic Recipes for the Health Conscious, c 2009

Viji's Website - Viji Samayal

Viji's Facebook Fan Page - Viji Varadarajan South Indian/Tamil Cookbook Writer

Interview with Viji on Alaivani    
Insights and Inspirations of Viji Varadarajan

Meet Viji's friend and co-author/Editor, Padmini Natarajan:
Her profile on Alaivani, with links to articles on Hindu Spirituality and Indian culture she authored for Alaivani


Jennifer's Review of Viji Varadarajan's Ethnic Cook Books:  
A Rare Manuscript on the Tamil Brahmin Cooking (Review of: Classic Tamil Brahmin Cuisine) (Edited with Padmini Natarajan)

Temptations from the Tamil Table: Review of Viji Varadarajan’s Samayal: The Pleasures of South Indian Vegetarian Cooking South Indian Cookbook

Want to see Yogurt from a Different Perspective? (Review of Viji's cookbook: A Healthy Taste of Indian Cuisine: Cooking with Yoghurt  (opens into another site.)


Newspaper/Magazine Articles
Brahmin Recipes by Viji Varadarajan on Magic Chef Hat, October 2008
Fusion in the Kitchen – The Hindu, March 2009


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